The Moot Scarf

In line with longstanding Scouting tradition, each attendee to the 20th Australian Rover Moot received a special event scarf. Scout scarves, or neckerchiefs, are a traditional part of the Scout uniform and have both ceremonial and practical uses.

The Moot Scarf includes a number of important symbols which represent Australia, Victoria, Scouting, and Rovering. The green and gold colours are traditional Australian colours, and are representative of the green nature and bush setting, and the gold warmth the Australian sun.

The Moot’s honeycomb pattern symbolizes our teamwork. The hexagon is a shape that has greater strength in numbers. As the walls of each honeycomb support each other, so too do the people who are part of The Moot.

The centre of the scarf includes a large outline of the state of Victoria, and is filled with words that encompass the aims, components, and highlights of The Moot experience.

The scarf is bordered by a yellow tape, bringing a bold highlight to the design, as frequently used to differentiate between different Scout scarves. At the tip of the scarf is the Scouts Australia Fleur de Lis – the symbol of Scouting uniting us all under one banner from across the world as a Scouting family.

The event woggle, like the scarf, also uses the honeycomb design and holds everything together.