Mafeking Site Setup

While participants are off discovering Victoria there is a team of dedicated Rovers and Rover Supporters up at Mafeking Rover Park getting the site ready for the second phase of The Moot.

All of the temporary infrastructure has now been set up including 66 tents, countless gazebos, and the catering marquee. The entertainment area, including the Coca-Cola Arena, Showtech Stage, CBC Bar, and GSL Beer Garden are all ready for the big party on New Year’s Eve!

The activities team have been hard at work setting up everything to keep all of our participants entertained. This includes the Freemason’s Activity hub, Rainbow Cafe, and Lake Surfmoot. There was even a bit of down time for the worker bees to test out a few activities, a dip in the lake was definitely appreciated after a hard days work!

We would like to extend a particular thank you to the dedicated people who chose to spend their expedition helping the MOT get the site ready. These Rovers and supporters are a great example of the Rovering motto of service.

All of this work is on top of the thousands of volunteer hours that have gone into site improvement and setup this year. The Moot Organising Team have worked in conjunction with the Mafeking Rover Park Committee of Management to provide everyone with the best site possible. We hope you can enjoy and appreciate our small part of the Victorian bushland over the next six days.