Open Day is Here!

Today is the day! We are looking forward to sharing The Moot with over 200 guests who are travelling to Mafeking Rover Park for Open Day. 

A few important reminders for the day:

* It is going to be hot tomorrow. We encourage you to be sun smart and prepared for the weather.
* There will be parking marshals available to direct to park and then come on site.
* There are water activities available so bring your swimming gear!
* If you haven't made payment, you will be able to pay at the gate.
* For Scouting members, uniform is optional.
* There is food available to purchase from the canteen.
* We advise that there are no pets at Mafeking Rover Park with the exception service dogs. There is also a no glass rule.
* There are cash and Eftpos facilities available onsite.

If guests have any questions on the day please come and visit the team in Moot Admin.

The Moot Scarf

In line with longstanding Scouting tradition, each attendee to the 20th Australian Rover Moot received a special event scarf. Scout scarves, or neckerchiefs, are a traditional part of the Scout uniform and have both ceremonial and practical uses.

The Moot Scarf includes a number of important symbols which represent Australia, Victoria, Scouting, and Rovering. The green and gold colours are traditional Australian colours, and are representative of the green nature and bush setting, and the gold warmth the Australian sun.

The Moot’s honeycomb pattern symbolizes our teamwork. The hexagon is a shape that has greater strength in numbers. As the walls of each honeycomb support each other, so too do the people who are part of The Moot.

The centre of the scarf includes a large outline of the state of Victoria, and is filled with words that encompass the aims, components, and highlights of The Moot experience.

The scarf is bordered by a yellow tape, bringing a bold highlight to the design, as frequently used to differentiate between different Scout scarves. At the tip of the scarf is the Scouts Australia Fleur de Lis – the symbol of Scouting uniting us all under one banner from across the world as a Scouting family.

The event woggle, like the scarf, also uses the honeycomb design and holds everything together.


Expeditions - Day 3

Yesterday was the last full day of our expeditions and the groups definitely made the most of it! From all reports new friendships have been formed and old ones grown stronger through their time together.

The 75 Kays team have been having a fabulous time kayaking in Victoria’s south west.


We’re not really sure where the Ragged Edge group are, but so far they’ve survived the wilderness. They’ll enjoy the facilities when the get to Mafeking Rover Park.


Meanwhile the Mountain Biking team have enjoyed the wet and muddy conditions at a few locations around Victoria, including Anglesea, Forrest and the You Yangs.


The houseboating group have been relaxing at Painsville. Today they spent the day at 90 miles beach enjoying the sun and the surf.


The highlight of the Tread the Boards expedition was a night out at the Theatre to see Kinky Boots the musical, including a backstage tour! They even got to meet some of the stars of the show.


On the other side of the city the Need for Speed expedition spent their evening at Avalon Raceway watching the sprint cars.

New Years Eve

Friday night saw The Moot’s first night with all participants in the one location. Participants and staff were excited to see each other and share the experiences from their expeditions across Victoria and Tasmania. 

The evening party was themed Around the World to celebrate our global Scouting family, and each expedition had been allocated a country as their costume theme. The Coca-Cola Arena was rocking as DJ ‘Arosh Fernando’ aka Mr. WooHaa, kept the music pumping into 2017.

We said good riddance to 2016 and celebrated a fresh 2017—not only in our own time zone, but as it happened across the country and the wider world.

The Moot would like to wish everyone a safe and happy 2017.


Mafeking Site Setup

While participants are off discovering Victoria there is a team of dedicated Rovers and Rover Supporters up at Mafeking Rover Park getting the site ready for the second phase of The Moot.

All of the temporary infrastructure has now been set up including 66 tents, countless gazebos, and the catering marquee. The entertainment area, including the Coca-Cola Arena, Showtech Stage, CBC Bar, and GSL Beer Garden are all ready for the big party on New Year’s Eve!

The activities team have been hard at work setting up everything to keep all of our participants entertained. This includes the Freemason’s Activity hub, Rainbow Cafe, and Lake Surfmoot. There was even a bit of down time for the worker bees to test out a few activities, a dip in the lake was definitely appreciated after a hard days work!

We would like to extend a particular thank you to the dedicated people who chose to spend their expedition helping the MOT get the site ready. These Rovers and supporters are a great example of the Rovering motto of service.

All of this work is on top of the thousands of volunteer hours that have gone into site improvement and setup this year. The Moot Organising Team have worked in conjunction with the Mafeking Rover Park Committee of Management to provide everyone with the best site possible. We hope you can enjoy and appreciate our small part of the Victorian bushland over the next six days.



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