Moot Executive

  • Britney McIlvain

    Britney McIlvain


  • Dale Sheehan

    Dale Sheehan

    Deputy Chairman

  • Laura Wood

    Laura Wood

    Finance Director

  • Helen Mortimer

    Helen Mortimer

    Executive Assistant

  • Greg Davies

    Greg Davies

    Moot Advisor

  • Russell Bradd

    Russell Bradd

    Executive Consultant

  • Jody Freeman

    Jody Freeman

    State Commissioner - Rover Scouts

  • Daniel Ingamells

    Daniel Ingamells

    VRC Chairman

Moot Council

The Moot Council is made up of the Moot Executive and the Directors of all the Departments

  • Rachie Loft

    Rachie Loft

    Activities Director

  • Sami Ferris

    Sami Ferris

    Admin Director

  • Caitlin Brideson

    Caitlin Brideson

    Expeditions Director

  • Tim Druce

    Tim Druce

    HR Director

  • Kelly Mentiplay

    Kelly Mentiplay

    Marketing Director

  • Josh Cashill

    Josh Cashill

    Sites & Services Director

  • Andrew Sheerin

    Andrew Sheerin

    Transport & Logistics Director